About Us

The Bluelight SEO Approach!

At Bluelight SEO we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers an affordable SEO strategy along with honest advice.

We believe that businesses should be provided with all the information they require, so if you need to know how or why we employ any of our strategies we will let you know. There are no secrets here!

Bluelight SEO was founded on the principles of creating a great customer experience, thats why from the very begining we will provide you with honest advice on your site and Search Marketing strategies, after all our aim is to get you ranking as high as possible in Google, Yahoo and Bing!

Our monthly reports will contain all the information you require in an understandable format, so that you know exactly how well your site is doing and what we are doing to improve your SEO Campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation is not just about rankings!

Although we want your site to be at the top of the Search engines, the rate of conversion is also a factor we look into (something that a lot of SEO companies ignore).

Being at the number one spot on Google is great, but that ranking needs to be backed up by conversions. In order to achieve those conversions your site needs to be up to scratch. There are many things that can increase the chance of conversions and we will appraise your site for opportunities to improve.

Our team is bolstered by the knowledge of User Interface Design and Human Computer Interaction, two very important areas which we look at when creating websites and when appraising existing websites.

If you already have a high ranking site and would like to benefit from out Traffic Conversion package, please get in touch.