Why Alt Attributes Are Improtant For SEO!

Often neglected by web designers and SEO experts is the use of alt attributes. Although these tags were designed to allow users with screen readers to understand the content of a webpage, they are also a valuable SEO tag.

You often hear people talk about the importance of using keywords in your heading tags and using bold and strong tags to emphasise text, but I very rarely hear people talk about the alt attribute. Recently SEOMoz did some studies on the usage of keywords and found that surprisingly the alt attribute had more weighting than the heading tags.

When I am doing SEO for clients or myself I try and make sure that my alt tags are as descriptive as possible without being spammy. I have provided a template and a few examples to help you with your own SEO.


Service/Product | Location/s | Secondary Keyword


Accountancy Services, Guildford, Essex- Payroll Services
iPhone covers, UK- iPhone Accessories